Розы в длиной коробке

  • Boxed flowers

    Boxed flowers

Could differ from the photos

We have roses of different colors available. A different to red color can be specified in the comments field of the order. Box sizes: 20 cm. x 11 cm. x 78 cm.

14.00 - 18.00

Small handmade teddy in a blue scarf

+ 32 $

Small sized teddy with scarf. This high quality toy is destined to make everybody feel happy. Height: 23 cm

Handmade chocolates (9 pc.)

+ 9 $

To be delivered only in addition to the flowers. The chocolates will be different as chocolatier keeps coming up with new tastes and new designs. The size of the box 11 x 11 cm.

Raffaello (200 gr)

+ 13 $

Raffaello (200 gr).

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43.33 $

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Boxed flowers

Reviewing search results for flower delivery Tbilisi and other parts of Georgia pay attention to every detail. Needless to say that you expect flowers delivered to be the top quality but this can be taken for granted for any well respected Tbilisi online flower shop. Also, flower presentation and packaging are of high importance.

Flower delivery assumes some sort of packaging. A lot of Tbilisi online flower shops use clear plastic, decorative paper, ribbons and baskets. Most of the time the packaging will assume two functions: preserve flowers from being damaged and put those final touches on the arrangement. But this is not all. As always the devil is in the details. To be completely honest most of presentation you will find in online flower shops in Tbilisi will very much resemble each other. The colors of the ribbons and the decorative paper of course will be different, most likely well matched to the color of the arrangement. There won’t be anything special about the style or the presentation and flowers delivered will not stand out from the ones you had seen or had received before.

However, if you are looking in giving this present for an opportunity to stand out and be remembered, order flowers elegantly boxed that, in our opinion, will have a much more far reaching effect. Just imagine, the courier walking down the street with a big box, the crowd trying to guess what he’s carrying inside, and only coming up and close you being able to notice through the cut out petals in the cartoon the delicate petals of roses, carefully arranged in a few rows, covered with retro looking delicate see-through material, and only having opened a box being able to discover the real gift – a personal message from someone special, you.

At LovelyRoses.ge we can guarantee that roses will be always fresh and stunning. Delivering flowers in a box keeps them warm in winter and cool in summer, making it more comfortable for them and securing a longer vase life. The box will save them from the cold and snow of Tbilisi while being delivered. This is particularly relevant for an online flower shop operating in Tbilisi climate conditions. So, no need to worry, the deliver will be smooth and the gift will be received safe and sound in the best condition possible.

We truly hope not to disappoint you in any way so you feel like coming back again and again. Creativity and innovation do not stand still and hopefully soon we will come up with something new.