About us

This is who we are

The Story of Eustace Fines, our ambasador.

How it all began.

We started flower delivery shop LovelyRoses because we knew, while flowers may be a commodity, the messages they represent are anything but. Giving and receiving flowers, and roses especially, are heartfelt conversations between people who care for each other. Even when they physically can’t be in the same place at the same time.And we knew we could help deliver those messages better than anyone because we cared more.


About the choice of roses, about the presentation using elegant European-style boxed packaging, about the design and usability of the site, about the delivery, about the service – in fact every part of getting your special message through to that someone special. We hope you enjoy your time here as much as we enjoyed creating it.

The man on the bycile.

Eustace Fines was a curious soul, a man with unbounded curiosity coupled with a gently wry outlook on life. Though never the life of the party, he was nonetheless a popular guest, as everyone was curious as to what he was up to now. For Eustace was a visionary of sorts, though why he did what he did was sometimes a mystery. At 11 he taught his pet rabbit to do handstands to find out, as he put it, ‘to see which way his ears would drop’. At 22 he rode a llama across Patagonia reasoning that it had to be more comfortable than a bicycle because whereas a bicycle seat was hard, llama wool was soft.


Unfailingly, if one had to move house, Eustace would arrive to help. Not that he was strong, but he had an uncanny way of knowing where everything went without being told. And he was a fountain of knowledge, especially of the more esoteric of subjects. For instance, if you wished to know where to buy tomorrow’s newspaper people would inevitably say ‘talk to my friend Eustace, he’ll sort you out. TBC...’